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2015/2016 Mr. Emmanuel Ukala (SAN) Scholarshi
2015/2016 Mr. Emmanuel Ukala (SAN) Scholarship for indigent students of UNN
The management of the University of
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Workshop Announcement A 3day Tra
Workshop Announcement: A 3day Train-the-Trainers International workshop on TEEAL and AGORA Databases

Welcome to Energy Research Centre, University Of Nigeria Nsukka

Director’s Statement

The National Centre for Energy Research and Development, University of Nigeria, Nsukka has a vision to build a functional, globally comparable and competitive Centre for Energy research and Development in Renewable and Alternative Energy Technologies, responsive to the challenges of energy and economic needs of Nigeria and beyond. The Centre’s mission is to place the Energy Centre, University of Nigeria in the forefront of Research and Development, innovation and knowledge transfer in the areas of renewable and alternative energy technologies, energy management and environment aimed at meeting the sustainable development goal (SDG) agenda for Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. In realization of its mandate, efforts have been in top gear towards improving and sustaining the research and development activities in the Centre, while maintaining a conducive working environment for staff of the Centre. The Centre has significantly expanded its infrastructural and research facilities to promote research and development activities in fulfillment of its mandates.

The Centre

The National Centre for Energy Research and Development, University of Nigeria, Nsukka was established by an Act of the National Assembly in 1980 along with three other research centres. The Centre at Nsukka started operation fully in 1982. The Federal Government later established Energy Commission of Nigeria through decrees number 12 of 1988 and number 19 of 1989 and charged it with the legal mandate of supervising the four Centres. The mandate of the National Centre for Energy Research and development, University of Nigeria Nsukka, is to carry out research, development, dissemination and manpower training in the various areas of renewable and non-renewable energy resources such as Solar, Biomass, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal, Coal, Petroleum, Energy Management and Environment etc. By extension, the Centre has the mandate to mount short courses, Diploma and degree programmes in renewable energy technologies in collaboration with relevant academic departments of the University of Nigeria.