1. Performance Evaluation of a 50 L Batch Transesterification Reactor Completed
2. Synthesis, Characterization and Comparative analysis of     Samples of Dye Sensitized Solar cells using natural and synthetic dyes with TiO2 films. Completed
3. Characterization of eight (8) woody Biomass samples for fast pyrolysis experiments. Completed
4. Design of a water scrubbing unit for biogas purification. Completed
5. Study on improvement of onset of flammable gas production from pumpkin stalk-cow dung blend Completed
6. Biochemical characterization of biogas microbes from bio-fuel production from old cabbage leaves. Completed
7. Biogas production from Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste. Completed
8. Fast pyrolysis of the eight (8) biomass samples for production of Bio-char, bio-oil and non-condensable gases Completed
9. Design and fabrication of an LM 35 – based thermo regulator Completed
10 Kinetic Modelling of Biogas Production from Blends of Animal Manure Ph.D work of Mr. I. S. Eze awaiting final defence. Completed
11. Characterization of the liquid and solid products of the fast pyrolysis experiments based on the eight (8) biomass samples Completed
12 Biogas energy production from blending maize bracts with old cabbage leaf wastes. Completed
13 Comparison of preservation of fresh amaranthus and pumpkin vegetables in open air and solar refrigerator environment. Completed
14 Comparative study of fresh stockfish drying under passive and active solar dryer and open- sun environment. Completed
15 Assessment of briquetting of carbonized Empty Fruit Bunch, EFB and Palm kernel shells. Completed
16 Bioethanol production from some locally available starch feedstock. Completed
17 Biodiesel production from some locally available oil feedstock Completed
18 Growth and Characterization of Thin Film Nanocrystalline Silicon materials and solar cells. PhD work of Dr. S.N. Agbo (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, March 2012 Completed
19 Integrated PV in buildings. PhD work of Dr. C.U. Ikedi (University of Nottingham, UK, July 2012) Completed
20 Design and Fabrication of an automatic power Changeover Completed
21 Design and Fabrication of a 1 KVA inverter by Electronics Laboratory. Completed
22 Installation of PV Streetlights at the VC’s Lodge, UNN Completed
23 Modelling the Neem Methyl Ester Yield in a Batch Biodiesel Reactor. Ph.D work of Engr. C. N. Anyanwu awaiting final defence. Completed
24 Automation of Library and Digitization of Library Resources On-going
25 Preparation and Characterization of Dye-sensitized Nanocrystalline solar cells using starch polymer electrolytes On-going
26 Development of Household Scale Solar Assisted Water Treatment System. On-going
27 Modification and improvement on the design and construction of fast pyrolysis reactor for further work at the NCERD On-going
28 Investigation of the Photovoltaic Applicability of selected Metallic Selenide and sulphide Thin Films On-going
29 Design and evaluation of biomass based pulverizing machine for thermo-conversion feedstock On-going
30 Bio-Energy Production and Application from Tropical Vegetable Wastes in Nigeria. On-going
31 Fabrication of biogas pressure pump from locally available materials. On-going
32 Optimization of Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste, OFSW for biogas production. On-going
33 Fabrication of Water scrubbing Unit for Biogas scrubbing and bottling in CNG Cylinder. On-going
34 Preliminary studies on the use of metal Organic Framework for Carbon ( iv) oxide removal from biogas On-going
35 Growth and Characterization of PbS Thin Film and its Applications On-going
36 Development of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) On-going
37 Investigation of Starch as Polymer host and its Application in DSSCs) On-going